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(as may be modified or supplemented from time to time)

1.             The Purchaser/Owner/Tenant (in the context of these House Rules shall include any occupant of the said Parcel) shall not use the said Parcel nor permit the same to be used for any purpose whatsoever other than as a private residence nor any purpose from which nuisance can arise to the Vendor, the Manager, the Other Purchasers or occupiers of the other parcels in the Condominium/Service Suites or Project nor for any illegal or immoral purpose nor for any purpose which may be injurious to the reputation of the Project and shall not use the car parks or permit same to be used for any purpose whatsoever save as a private car park in connection with the said Parcel.

2.             The Purchaser/Owner/Tenant shall not leave any vehicle or deposit or permit to be deposited any goods, parcels, cases, refuse, letter or any other thing in or upon the linkways, stairways, lifts, cars, passage ways, fire escapes or any other part of the Condominium/Service Suites, Project and/or the said Land which would obstruct the ingress to or egress from the Condominium/Service Suites and/or the Project nor dirty any part thereof.

3.             The Purchaser/Owner/Tenant shall not cause any obstruction in or on the approaches or passage ways adjacent to or leading to the Condominium/Service Suites and/or the Project by leaving or parking or permitting to be left or parked any motor car, motor cycle, bicycle or other vehicle belonging to or used by the owners, Purchasers or occupiers of the said Parcel or by and of their friends or visitors and shall also observe all regulations made by the Vendor and/or the Manager relating to the parking of such vehicles.

4.             The Purchaser/Owner/Tenant shall not permit or suffer their children (if any) or their friends, servants or employees or their children to play upon the link ways, stairways, passage ways, car parks, roads and lift cars.

5.             The Purchaser/Owner/Tenant shall not permit any singing or the playing of any musical instrument or the use of any gramophone, wireless, television or recording instrument so as to cause or in the opinion of the Vendor and/or the Manager be likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance to any other occupiers of the Service Suites and/or the Project.

6.             The Purchaser/Owner/Tenant shall not place or allow to be placed anything including show-board, name-bill, placard, advertisement or notice of any description upon any external parts of the said Parcel, Service Suites and/or the Project or in any of the windows. The Purchaser shall not make or drill or cause to be made or drilled holes or affix or drill any nails or sharp objects in the external wall ceilings and/or floor of the said Parcel.

7.             The Purchaser/Owner/Tenant shall not erect any stove or pipe or cause or permit any offensive or inflammable materials to collect in the said Parcel and/or the Service Suites and/or the Project or do anything which may affect or invalidate any fire insurance in respect of the Service Suites and/or the Project or any part thereof or increase the rate of premium of such insurance.

8.             The Purchaser/Owner/Tenant shall not (except with the written consent of the Vendor and/or the Manager and under the supervision of the Vendor's and/or the Manager's surveyor and to his satisfaction) erect upon or affix to the said Parcel or any part thereof any machinery or mechanical or scientific or electrical apparatus (except any indoor aerials for radio and television receiving sets) and small domestic electrical apparatus property fitted with an approved suppressor against electrical interference to the other apparatus.

9.                   No rags, dirt, rubbish, refuse or other substance shall be inserted into or placed or left in the sinks, baths, lavatories or any pipe in the said Parcel nor shall any obstruction or blockage be caused therein in any other manner whatsoever. If found guilty, the Purchaser/Owner/Tenant will be liable for all damages incurred and shall place an immediate minimum deposit of 30% to the management and immediate balance of 70% once a full quotation is given to the management.

10.                The Purchaser/Owner/Tenant shall not throw any rubbish from the balcony of their unit at all times and or damage any properties in the building/condominium. If found guilty, the Purchaser/Owner/Tenant shall be penalized/fine of minimum RM200.00 plus cleaning services RM100.00 and/or any sum of damages done to the said unit or building/condominium. If the Purchaser/Owner/Tenant, fails to pay this amount invoice to them or any outstanding invoiced to them, it is the management rights to disconnect water and electricity supplies and block all access cards to service elevators until all outstanding are fully settled.

11.                No animal, bird or reptile shall be kept in the said Parcel or the Condominium/Service Suites and/or the Project or any part thereof without the written permission of the Vendor and/or the Manager which permission if given shall be deemed to be by way of a licensee revocable at will. The Management reserves the right to remove any pets found within the building at the owner(s) expense.

12.                No garage sale or any stalls (on the walk ways or any other areas) shall be held in any part of the said Parcel and/or Condominium/Service Suites and/or the Project without the Vendor's and/or the Manager's and/or the Management’s written approval. The Management has the right to impose a fine against the purchaser(s)/owner(s) and/or its tenants whichever the Management seems deem fit.

13.                The Purchaser/Owner and/or its tenant shall:-

(a)          Place all debris, ashes, vacuum cleaner bags and rubbish securely wrapped in small waterproof bags in the proper receptacle thereof designated for such purpose;

(b)                 Ensure that all such debris and rubbish should be completely drip-free before it leaves the said Parcel.

14.                The Purchaser and/or its tenant shall not permit any rubbish or other material to be thrown or fall out of the windows, balconies and passageways/corridors of the said Parcel, the Condominium/Service Suites and/or the Project.

15.                The Purchaser/Owner and/or its tenant shall not hang poles, which are un-secured protruding from any windows or from balconies and/or hang any clothing on the balcony grill. Proper retractable hangers must be installed to the balcony wall. Those caught not adhering to this condition with be fine of RM150.00.

16.                The Purchaser/Owner/Tenant shall not erect any awnings, shades, screens, venetian blinds, T.V. aerials, window grilles, door grilles, and other grilles without the written approval of the Vendor and/or the Manager and/or the Management.

17.                No explosive of any nature, including but not limited to fireworks may be kept, stored or used in the said Parcel. Petroleum products, which may be kept, stored in the said Parcel shall be limited to the usual quantities incidental to the occupancy of a private residential dwelling.

18.                Should the Purchaser maintain plants, the Purchaser shall ensure that his plants are maintained in a manner that will not create a nuisance or pose any danger to other occupiers in the Condominium/Service Suites.

19.                The Purchaser shall not place, store or maintain at any common corridor, hall lobby, stairway, ground or other common area any furniture, packages or objects of any kind or otherwise obstruct transit through such common elements.

20.                No person shall drink or eat in any lift cars. Bicycles and motorised forms of transport (other than wheel chairs) are not to be placed in any lift cars.

21.                Furniture, furnishings and other common property located in the common area shall not be altered or removed from their locations.

22.                Fire fighting equipment must not be tampered with. Anyone caught tampering will be fined a minimum of RM500.00 non-negotiable and depending the seriousness of each case by the Management or DRJMB & DRJMC.

23.                The Purchaser/Owner/Tenant shall park his vehicles in the car park assigned to him. Guests shall only park in guest parking area. The Purchaser shall ensure that he and his guests do not park in car parks assigned to other occupiers of the Condominium/Service Suites. Cars parked in the car parks assigned to other occupiers in the Condominium/Service Suites shall be clamped and/or towed away at the car owner's expense and shall be billed to them.

24.                The Vendor, the Management and/or the Manager as the case must be informed at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of any moving involving a professional mover or large items of furniture. The Purchaser/Owner/Tenant shall ensure that common areas and Common Property are not damaged in the course of such moving or blocking other occupiers. Moving in and out times and renovations are from Monday – Friday (9.00 am – 5.00 pm) and Saturday (9.00 am – 1.00 pm). A fee will be imposed besides that stated time. Anyone caught after the stated time will have his or her access cards to the elevators/lifts block until further notice from the management.

25.                The Purchaser/Owner/Tenant MUST notifies and adheres to the terms and conditions of the management when renovating their unit. Here are some of the main terms and conditions:

a)                   Refundable deposit amounting to RM2,000.00 MUST be placed before any start of renovation to the unit. This refundable deposit will be reimbursed to the Purchaser/Owner/Tenant, if found that no damages is done during and after the course of renovation. Any damages will be deducted accordingly and the balance will be refunded and if found that the damages incurred is more than the deposit, the Purchaser/Owner/Tenant will have to bear the extra cost immediately without fail and non-negotiable or the management will have the rights to disconnect water and electricity supplies and block all access cards to service elevators until all outstanding are fully settled.

b)                   A non-refundable Cleaning fee of RM200.00 per month is imposed together with the refundable deposit. Any unit caught not paying cleaning fee during the renovation period will have their service elevators access cards block.

c)                   Renovators/Contractors must register all their workers at the security counter and take away their renovation rubbish and/or any debris from their unit away from Diamond Regency Condominium compound area daily. Any renovators and its workers caught dumping their renovation rubbish and/or debris on the walkway, normal house hold rubbish room, staircase and/or any car park area will have their refundable deposits withheld for deductions.

d)                   A minimum penalty charge of RM100.00 (non-negotiable) will be imposed as parking rubbish fee per day and will be deducted immediately without any notice to the depositor, and if the penalty amount exceeds the refundable deposit amount, the owner has to top up with another deposit of RM2,000.00 in order to proceed with its renovations. If the renovator fails to forward the additional deposit of RM2,000.00, all service elevators will be blocked until further notice from the management.

26.                The Purchaser/Owner only shall be entitled to use the recreational facilities only in accordance with the house rules and regulations, which is govern by the Manager of each recreational facility, and may be notified by the Vendor and/or the Manager if necessary. It is confirmed by the Developer that the recreational facilities are own by the Purchasers/Owners of each unit and a feedback form was distributed out to all the Purchasers/Owners by way of post and by a unit by unit interview by the committee members in the month of January/February 2010 to give a conclusion of their decision to let the Owner’s Tenant use the common facilities.

Conclusion of the outcome was 90% of the Purchasers/Owners did not agree to let the Tenants to use their recreational facility except for the swimming pool and it is final.

27.                The Vendor, the Management and/or the DRJMB & JMC or anyone authorised by him and security guards may require any person in any area to identify himself or herself.

28.                Children aged 12 years and under shall not be allowed in the swimming recreational area unless accompanied and supervised by an adult occupant. The management and DRJMB & JMC will not be held liable and responsible due to the Purchaser/Owners/Tenant negligence.

27.           The Purchaser/Owner(s) shall be responsible for ensuring that their lessees, tenants and guests comply with the House Rules. The Purchaser/Owner shall be liable for any damage caused by their lessees, tenants and guests. If the Purchaser(s)/Owner(s) have Service Charges and Sinking funds or any funds owing to the Management, the Management reserves the right to collect the outstanding sum from the Tenant of the unit and block all access cards to the Service Elevators and if, the Purchaser(s)/Owner(s) ignores the reminders sent to them, the Management reserves the right to engage legal actions against the unit purchaser/owner and all costs of the legal action shall be borne the unit purchaser(s)/owner(s) plus interests.

28.           The Purchaser/Owner/Tenant shall give the Vendor and/or the Manager and/or the Management prompt notice of any accident to or defect in the water pipes, gas pipes, electric installations or fixtures which come to his knowledge. The management will not be held liable and/or responsible for any repairs done by outside contractors, which is engaged by the Purchaser/Owner/Tenant, other than the recommended ones by the Management Office.

29.           The Purchaser/Owner/Tenant shall keep clean the said Parcel and take all practicable steps to prevent infestation by vermin and/or insects.

30.           The Purchaser/Owner shall not permit or suffer any person of unsound mind or a drunkard or drug addict to reside in or about the said Parcel.

31.           The Vendor, the Management and/or DRJMB & JMC, reserves the right to impose a fee for the use of all or any of the facilities, or equipment provided for in the said Project.

32.                Visitors, must be accompanied by the Purchaser/Owner/Tenants and are required to leave some personal identification with the security officer before entry into the Condominium/Service Suites is permitted. The Purchaser(s)/Owner(s)/Tenant(s) is/are to ensure that his guest(s) do not cause any annoyance or be a nuisance to other residents. The Vendor, the Manager, Management and/or DRJMB & JMC as the case may be is entitled to request any guest(s) in breach of any of the rules herein to leave the Premises without having to assign any reason for so doing.

33.           Radios, hi-fidelity equipment, television, musical instruments and any other equipment that are capable of emitting sounds shall be played at reduced volume at all times or at any given db which is legally approved by the DBKL law.

34.           No radio or television antenna or Astro antenna shall be attached or hung from the exterior of walls or be allowed to protrude through walls, windows, lanais or roofs.

35.           No person is to urinate or defecate in the lift cars or any staircase area. If the person is found guilty, a fine of minimum RM200.00 and cleaning services of minimum RM100.00 will be imposed and non-negotiable.

36.           No major repair may be made to any vehicle parked within the Project.  A "major repair" is one which involves excessive noise or spillage of oil.

37.                The restrictions, duties and obligations imposed by this Agreement (including this Schedule) shall be observed not only by the Purchaser/Owner but also by his tenants, guests, servants, agents, children, invitees and licensees.

38.                The house rules for Purchaser(s)/Owner(s)/Real Estate Agent/Property Managers to tenant out the property are as follows:

a.                   Tenants of the unit will have the privilege rights to use the car park assigned to the unit rented and the swimming pool only. The tenants do not have the rights to use any of the rest of the common facilities. The Purchaser/Owners MUST inform the Management of their unit is for leasing.

b.                   All potential tenant(s) of the unit(s) must submit their Names, NRIC copy, Out-station or Overseas addresses to the management before moving in and/or before signing any rental agreement. A copy of the rental agreement must be forwarded to the management for record purposes.

c.                    Any Purchaser/Owner wants to let/rent their unit to foreigners. Then the Purchaser(s)/Owner(s) must forward all details of the foreigner(s) including copy of passport and a sum of RM500.00 (non-refundable) to the Management to do a back-ground check from the Polis DiRaja Malaysia and/or the relevant authorities before renting out to them. This is to safe guard the rest of the occupiers in the building.

Any Purchaser/Owner caught renting out to foreigners without informing and/or without seeking the approval and without a back ground check of the foreigner(s) from the authorities by the Management, the Management reserves the right to block all access cards that the foreigner(s) is having until the Purchaser/Owner adheres to the this terms and conditions.

The Management will not be held liable for any inconveniences caused to the Purchaser(s)/Owner(s) tenants nor responsible for any legal actions from the tenants due to the Purchaser(s)/Owner(s) negligence not adhering to this clause.

d.                   Any unit with more than 4 occupiers per unit will not permitted to be at the 7th Floor Swimming Pool area, UNLESS, the unit is occupied by family members.

e.                    The Management will be given access to the unit and allowed to break in case of emergency and the Purchaser(s)/Owner(s) shall be liable for the cost of repairs in lieu of these actions e.g. fire, etc.

f.                    The Purchaser(s)/Owner(s) of the unit shall forward a drafted copy of the Rental Agreement to the Management Office for approval first as these affects the whole building and its occupiers in the building.

The terms and conditions stated above is a must to safe guard the rest of the occupiers residing in Diamond Regency Condominium and is non-negotiable in the near future and/or any event.

39.                No solicitation of goods and services, religious or political activities shall be permitted unless prior approval is obtained from the management or DRJMB.

40.                No occupants of the building are allowed to use any employee of the Management for any business or private errands. The Management and maintenance staff of the building are not authorized or allowed to accept delivery of package, parcels, etc, or perform any kind of private work for any occupants, unless on orders of the Management.

41.                Prayers are advised not to disturb/annoy any other residents with loud play.

42.                All purchasers/owners and their contractors are NOT allowed to utilized tap water/electricity supply from the common property/areas.

43.                Occupants shall ensure that all refuse be sealed in non-porous plastic bags and placed properly in the refuse bins at the refuse chamber located on each floor. All wet refuse should be thoroughly drained of any liquid and care should be taken to prevent dripping on the floor.

44.                Occupants using the refuse chambers/rooms must ensure that the doors are closed after use and lights switched off to prevent smell and growth of pests and to converse energy.

45.                Occupants using the common facilities toilets must ensure that all lights are off after usage to converse energy.

46.                All residents are not allowed to dispose into the water close (W.C.) wastes like:

i.         Sanitary pads

ii.        Newspapers and plastic materials

iii.      Hard and non-decomposable materials

47.                The purchaser(s)/owner(s) shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Management and DRJMB and DRJMC against all legal action proceeding, claims, cost, expenses and demands in respect of injury to the person or property of the employees, agents, licensees, invitees of the Management, the Purchaser(s)/Owner(s), the other Purchasers and/or all other persons while in the said Parcel or Common Areas.

48.                The Management or DRJMB & DRJMC, its agent and its employees shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for loss or damage to any person or injury to or death of any person in the building.

49.                All users of the pool are strongly advised to leave the pool during thunderstorms or under any other life threatening or emergency situations of circumstances.

50.                The Management or DRJMB & DRJMC will not be responsible for any loss and/or damage to personal property left in the changing rooms or in any parts of the building.

51.                No person suffering from any infectious diseases or with bandages or open wounds of any type may use the pool. Spitting or any other unhygienic acts in and around the pool or deck area are strictly prohibited.

52.                All users of the pool MUST wear proper swim wear.

53.                No person who is under the influence of liquor, drugs or any other form of intoxication matter or substances shall use the pool.

54.                The Management shall have the authority to expel from the pool areas any person disobeying the rules and endangering the safety of himself or other persons.

55.                The Management or DRJMB and DRJMC declares that no lifeguard will be employed or stationed at the swimming pool and the wadding pool.

56.                The Management or DRJMB and DRJMC advise the occupants and guests to exercise care when using the pool and to take care of their respective charges.

57.                The Management or DRJMB and DRJMC will not be responsible for any injury/death whatsoever caused to the person(s) using the swimming pool.

58.                The poolside facilities may be reserved by residents for their private functions.

59.                Reservations for the pool must be applied to the Management office at least one (1) week in advance.

60.                All reservation would be on a first come first served basis, subject to the Rules and Regulations stipulated by the Management or DRJMB and DRJMC from time to time.

However, the Management reserves the right not to permit such reservation should it inconvenience other residents.

61.                The charges for each reservation of the pool per function shall be RM800.00 and refundable deposit RM1,000.00. This is to ensure that areas used for the function are left in a clean and satisfactory condition after use. The cost of cleaning and additional charges, if any, will be deducted from the deposit and the balance, if any, will be refunded to the resident who made the reservation. In the event that the clean-up cost and damages exceed the deposit, the resident host shall be charged the additional amount.

All further or other rules may be made at any time and from time to time by the Vendor, Management and/or the DRJMB & DRJMC as the case may be in addition to or substitution for the foregoing rules or any of them including but not limited to such rules which the Vendor and/or the Manager may deem necessary or expedient for the safety care or cleanliness of the Condominium/Service Suites and/or the Project or any part thereof or for securing the comfort and convenience of all owners, purchasers and occupiers of the Condominium/Service Suites and/or the Project.

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